• 국제 학술지:

    Kwan-Myung Kim, Kun-Pyo Lee
    Don't Make Art, Do Industrial Design: A Voice from Industry, 2014. Spring. DMI: Review

    Kyungah Choi, Hyeon-Jeong Suk
    User-preferred Color Temperature Adjustment for Smartphone Display under Varying Illuminants, 2014. 06. Optical Engineering (SCI)

    Hyosun Kwon, Hwan Kim, Woohun Lee
    Intangibles wear materiality via material composition. Personal Ubiquitous Computing, 2014. 06. Personal Ubiquitous Computing (SCIE)

    Nooree Na, Hyeon-Jeong Suk
    The Emotional Characteristics of White for Applications of Product Color Design, 2014. 09. International Journal of Design (SCIE)

    Nooree Na, Hyeon-Jeong Suk
    Adaptive luminance contrast for enhancing reading performance and visual comfort on smartphone displays, 2014.11. Optical Engineering (SCI)

    Sicheon You, Myung-suk Kim, Youn-kyung LIm
    Value of culturally oriented information design, 2014. 12. Universal Access in the Information Society (SCIE)

    Kun-Pyo Lee, Tek-jin Nam
    HCI in Korea: Where Imagination Becomes Reality, 2015.01. Interactions (SCI)

  • 국내 학술지:

    김계영, 배현주, 석현정
    UPO: A Chair That Lifts Hips While Standing Up Using the Four-Link Mechanism, 2014. 12. 대한인간공학회지

  • 창작물 출품:

    E+ Dumbbell, 2014. 04. 독일 iF Universal Award

    Consumer favorite, Flipour, 2014. 04. 독일 iF Universal Award

    박주희, 박영우, 남택진
    Wrigglo, 2014. 04. CHI 2014 전시

    허희정, 박형근, 김승기, 정지용, 이기혁, 이우훈
    Transwall, 2014. 04. CHI 2014 전시

    이현재, 조상영, 홍지우, 이기혁, 이우훈
    Janus, 2014. 04. CHI 2014 전시

    김한종, 남택진
    Muzlog, 2014. 04. CHI 2014 전시

  • 학술 저서:

    정경원, 강효진, 이경실, 권은영, 조형욱, 정효빈, 홍소영
    과학예술영재학교 창의융합교과 <창의적 디자인>, 2014. 08. 한국교육개발원

    안소연, 이경실
    디자인경영의 원칙 (번역서), 2015. 02. 비즈앤비즈