• 국제 학술지:

    Valentijn Viach, Ed Tan, Daniel Saakes
    Viewers’ knowledge: Application of exposure-based lay user knowledge in genre specific animation production, 2015. 04. International Journal of Design (SCIE)

    Nooree Na, Hyeon-Jeong Suk
    Adaptive display luminance for viewing smartphones under low illuminance, 2015. 06. Optics Express (SCI)

    Minjung Sohn, Tek-jin Nam
    Understanding the attributes of product intervention for the promotion of pro-environmental behavior: A framework and its effect on immediate user reactions, 2015. 08. International Journal of Design (SCIE)

    Hyo-Jin Kang, Kyung-won Chung, Ki-Young Nam
    A Competence Model for Design Managers: A Case Study of Middle Managers in Korea, 2015. 08. International Journal of Design (SCIE)

    Boram Lee, Woohun Lee
    Feature Creep in Design Students’ Works: Why and How It Happens in Student Design Processes, 2015. 09. The Design Journal (A&HCI)

    Kyungah Choi, Hyeon-Jeong Suk
    Optimal Employment of Color Attributes to Achieve Saliency in Icon Matrix Designs, 2015. 10. Color Research and Application (SCI)

    Moon-Hwan Lee, Seijin Cha, Tek-Jin Nam
    Impact of digital traces on the appreciation of movie contents, 2015. 10. Digital Creativity (A&HCI)

    Kyungah Choi, Jeongmin Lee, Hyeon-Jeong Suk
    Context-Based Presets for Lighting Setup for Residential Space, Applied Ergonomics, 2016. 01. Applied Ergonomics (SCI)

    Nooree Na, Hyeon-Jeong Suk
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    Hayeon Jeong, Daniel Saakes, Uichin Lee, et al.
    A Toy for Second-Language Learning, 2016. 02. Interactions (SCI)

    Nooree Na, Kyungah Choi, Hyeon-Jeong Suk
    Adaptive Luminance Difference for Comfortable Reading on a Smartphone, 2016. 02. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics (SCI)

  • 국내 학술지:

    배현주, 김해찬, 석현정
    Sitting Posture-Based Lighting System to Enhance the Desired Mood, 2015. 04. 대한인간공학회지

    석지영, 노세영, 김은진, 민병석, 석현정
    Color Quantization to Visualize Perceptually Dominant Colors of an Image, 2015. 05. 한국색채학회논문집

    이용기, 이건표
    Continuous Time Experience: Conceptualizing the Memory gaps of Smartphone use for UX Design, 2015. 05. 디자인학연구

    윤성혁, 이건표
    A Study on Notification System Design of Smartphone Messenger Considering the User’s Stress, 2015. 05. 디자인학연구

    Verlinden, J., Saakes, D.P., Luxen, R.
    Learning from the trenches of embodiment design The designing, prototyping, and fabricating a large interactive display, 2015. 08. 디자인학연구

    Yun Jaesik, Lim Youn-kyung, Kim Kee-Eung, Song Seokyoung
    Interactivity Crafter: An Interactive Input-Output Transfer Function Design Tool for Interaction Designers, 2015. 08. 디자인학연구

    Minjung Sohn, Tek-Jin Nam
    The Effects of Eco-Feedback Design on Users’ Immediate Reactions to Water Conservation, 2015. 11. 디자인학연구

  • 창작물 출품:

    배상민, 심지은, 원보람, 오서빈, 국수정, 석지영
    Boxchool-Modular Container School for Isolated Area, 2015. 05. 독일 Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2015

    배상민, 심지은, 원보람, 오서빈, 국수정, 석지영
    Self-generating &Nature-interactive Tent, 2015. 05. 독일 Red Dot Award

    배상민, 심지은, 원보람
    Snow Energy - Portable Lamp& Smartphone Recharger using self-generated energy from temperature difference, 2015. 05. 독일 Red Dot Award

    김한종, 남택진
    Augmented Miniature Prototyping Toolkit for UX in Interactive Space, 2015. 04. CHI 2015 전시

    박영우, 남택진
    Bendi, 2015. 04. CHI 2015 전시

    김창민, 남택진
    G-raff, 2015. 04. CHI 2015 전시

    주성욱, 석현정
    반대색상 / Color fan, 2015. 07. 사비나미술관 'color study' 전

    김도형, 김은진, 김신
    Scent Clock, 2015. 10. Dubai Design Week 2015 전시

    배현주, 김민환, 임종욱
    Memory Lamp, 2015. 10. Dubai Design Week 2015 전시

    한결, Daniel Saakes
    Mirror Mirror, 2015. 11. 창조경제박람회 전시

    정경아, 배현주, 이재명, 석현정
    Mouzip, 2015. 12. 2015 Chicago Good Design Award 전시

  • 학술 저서:

    한국디자인학회 지음(석현정 참여)
    기초 디자인 교과서 (점, 선, 면 구성), 2015. 05. 안그라픽스

    비스 판 아벌 엮음 (Daniel Saakes 참여)
    오픈 디자인(Open Design Now) 누구도 독점하지 않는 디자인 누구나 할 수 있는 디자인, 2016. 06. 안그라픽스