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(Prof. Ki-Young Nam from IDKAIST at the First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum)



The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum co-hosted by the Department of Industrial Design (IDKAIST) and the Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering (NQe) was held on

December 4, 2019.


Speakers both gave talks related to policy. Professor Ki-Young Nam from IDKAIST talked about designing civic engagement for policy development, while Professor Yong Hoon Jeong from NQe

shared quantitative analysis of nuclear energy policy of Korea.


Below is the outline of their talks.


Title: Designing Civic Engagement for Policy Development (Professor Ki-Young Nam from IDKAIST)
Light is being cast on citizen engagement in the context of 'policymaking by design'. The disinterested and 'silent' majority was engaged on the social media platform driven by their natural

desire to communicate on the issues of their daily life. Further, the target policy group was engaged in an off-line environment to share their dreams and concerns. These can then be converted

into citizen-centered policy issues and ingredients. The talk ends with a case of cross-silo youth policy development, in collaboration with a local authority, based on the citizen needs collected

from the research.

Title: Quantitative Analysis of Nuclear Energy Policy of Korea (Professor Yong Hoon Jeong from NQe)
Energy problems can be analyzed by three main factors: energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability. Safety, one of the sub-factors for environmental sustainability can be

added. In this talk, we discuss the current status of nuclear energy policy, and how we might resolve energy trilemma by optimum energy mix for Korea.



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