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Current Research Areas

Strategic Design

Design Management Lab.

National design promotion strategy / Corporate design management system / Design management consulting / Design protection and intellectual property

Design IS Lab.

Strategic design process / Design-led market diversification / New product development / Strategic service design / Strategic sustainable design

Human-centered Design

Human Centered Interaction Design Lab.

Design planning / User observation / Usability test & Analysis / User interface design / Scenario & Cultural design

ID+IM Design Lab.

Innovative and practical design / Philanthropic design

I2DEA Lab.

Ideation, presentation, communication skills / New interaction techniques & systems for design activities / New paradigms for design processes and education

Product & Environmental Systems Design Research Lab.

Product and environment design / Emotional design / Robot design

Color & Emotion for Design Lab.

Color & emotion / Color & human factor / Color & LED lighting / Color & sustainability

Interactive System Design Inter.action Design Research Lab.

Systematic user centered design methodologies / Tools and methods to support interaction design / Application of design research in design practice

Creative Interaction Design Lab.

Creative and quality-centered design / Experience-centered design / Prototyping / Interactive systems design

Design Media Lab.

New design media / Interaction media / Entertainment media