Research > Research Areas & Labs

Interactive System Design

MAKinteract Lab.

Prototyping tools & fabrication

Human augmentation

Human computer interaction

My Design Lab.

Physical design tools

Custom design as service

Local manufacturing using digital fabrication


Ideation, presentation, communication skills

New interaction techniques & systems for design activities

New paradigms for design processes and education

Wonder Lab.

New design media

Interaction media

Entertainment media



Human-centered Design

Color Lab.

Color psychology

Emotional lighting

Visual ergonomics

Creative Interaction Design Lab(CIxD Lab).

Creative and quality-centered design

Experience-centered design

Prototyping & Interactive systems design

Human Centered Interaction Design Lab(HCIDL).

Design planning

User observation / Usability test & Analysis

User interface design / Scenario & Cultural design

Next Interface Lab.

User interface design

Natural user interfaces including AI-based conversational UI

User-centered design

Strategic Design

Designize Lab.

Strategic integration of design in corporate, social, technological and policy contexts

Policymaking by design

Design for public sector and social innovation

Strategic design for services and product-service systems (PSS) 

Practice Based Design

ID+IM Design Lab.

Innovative and practical design

Philanthropic design