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박사과정 학생에 대하여 시행하고 있는 자격시험의 세부 기준을 아래와 같이 안내하오니 해당학생들은 참고하시기 바랍니다.

특히, 2016학년도 2학기까지 자격시험을 합격해야 하는 대상자(휴학생 포함)는 해당 사항을 숙지하여 불이익을 받지 않도록 유의하시기 바랍니다.


- 아     래 -


           가. 응시자격

              (1) 박사과정 : 입학 후 1년 6개월 이내 응시

              (2) 석박사통합과정 : 박사과정 인정시점부터 1년 6개월 이내 응시


           나. 자격시험 시기 및 횟수 : 학과별로 학과장이 정하여 실시


           다. 불합격자 처리 : 응시 기간내에 불합격시 제적


           라. 기타사항

              (1) 전과생 : 전과일이 속한 학기로부터 1년 6개월 이내 응시

                             (이전 학과의 자격시험 합격유무와 무관)

              (2) 휴학기간산입 : 총 2년 이내의 휴학(군휴학, 출산및육아휴학, 질병

                                     휴학, 일반휴학 등) 기간은 응시기간에 산입하지 않음

                                     [응시기간 내에 불합격시 휴학 중 제적될 수도 있음]


            마. 재입학생

                제적/자퇴 후 재입학한 학생 : 상기의 기준을 적용.

               [Ex. 응시기한 1학기의 잔여기간을 남겨두고, 제적/자퇴시 : 재입학 후, 제적/

                    자퇴하기 전 잔여기간(1학기)내에 응시해야 함.]


              ※ 단, 자격시험 불합격으로 제적된 후 재입학시 : 상기의 기준과 별도로

                 재입학 후 1년 이내에 응시해야 함. (총 1학기의 휴학기간은 응시기간에 산입

                 하지 않음).  끝.


1. Reference
A. Article 68 of KAIST Regulations (Qualifying exam)
B. Article 4 of Rules on Management of PhD Program (Qualifying exam)
2. In relation to the above, specific guidelines on eligibility for the PhD qualifying
exam are provided below. All departments/majors are asked to adhere to the
guidelines when performing related tasks.
3. Please ensure that students (including students on leave of absence) are aware
of the following guidelines, especially those who must sit for the qualifying exam
by the second semester of 2016.
- Details -
A. Eligibility
(1) PhD Program: Within one and a half years from admission
(2) Masters-PhD Integrated Program: Within one and a half years from the
semester considered as PhD program candidates
B. Exam period and number of attempts: To be determined by the head of
C. Treatment of unsuccessful candidates: To be expelled from school when failing
the exam within the exam-taking period
D. Others
(1) Students transferred from other departments: Within one and a half years
from the semester during which the department transfer was processed
(regardless of whether the student has passed or failed the PhD qualifying
exam in the former department)
(2) Inclusion of leave of absence: Any leave of absence within maximum two
years (military service, pregnancy and childcare, illness, general leave etc.)
shall not be counted when considering eligibility for the PhD qualifying exam
[Please note that those who fail the exam within the exam-taking period may
be expelled even on leave of absence]
E. Readmitted students
Students readmitted after expulsion or dropping out: Same standards as above
[Ex. If a student is expelled or drops out of the program with one semester left
to the PhD qualifying exam, he/she must sit for the exam within the
previous remaining period (one semester).]