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이우훈 / Woohun Lee

Ph.D / 교수 / 학과장

Prof. Lee designs new smart media facilitating the human to fully enjoy digital technology. The Lab develops new design media, interaction media, and entertainment media.
Wonder Lab. / / +82-42-350-4519

남택진 / Tek-jin Nam

Ph.D / 교수

Prof. Nam conducts design research and practice in the area of co-design and Interaction, hoping to be a knowledge base for the future of design and design of the future. Design Research Lab. / / +82-42-350-4518

Andrea Bianchi

Ph.D / 부교수

Prof. Andrea Bianchi's research focuses on Human-Computer Interaction, specifically related with tangible and wearable interfaces and novel input systems.
MAKinteract Lab. / +82-42-350-4526

배상민 / Sangmin Bae

Ph.D / 교수

Prof. Bae is running ID+IM design laboratory in KAIST. 'ID+IM' is an abbreviation for 'Design therefore I am', 'ID' stands for 'Industrial Design', 'Intuitive Design', 'Interactive Design' and 'Innovative Design', and 'IM' implies each single designer's design philosophy and value.
ID+IM Design Lab. / / +82-42-350-4520

배석형 / Seok-Hyung Bae

Ph.D / 부교수

Prof. Bae designs and develops new interaction techniques and interactive systems for professional designers and design students. His work lies in the intersection of traditional design practices and the state-of-the art technologies.
SketchLab. / / +82-42-350-4524


Ph.D / 명예교수

Prof. Chung focuses on maximizing the quality of design service and productivity by optimizing the role of design within business system. Moreover, understanding design as the strategic method of corporate competitiveness enhancement and studies the necessary knowledge and diverse methodologies for effective management of design organization and design process.
Design Management Lab. / / +82-42-350-4512 / Publication


Dr. Eng / 명예교수

Prof. Kim focuses on design research on environmental system that comprises pleasant human life, which surpasses single unit product design concept. The major research interests include environment system design, emotional design and robot design.
Product & Environmental Systems Design Research Lab. / / +82-42-350-4511


Ph.D / 명예교수

Prof. Lee focuses on planning and developing human-centered interaction through in-depth research for physical, cognitive, emotional, and socio-cultural aspects of human being.
Human Centered Interaction Design Lab. / / +82-42-350-4514

이상수 / Sangsu Lee

Ph.D / 부교수

Prof. Lee likes to look for the next generation of user interface designs that provide a better user experience. He is interested in conducting industry-related UX projects based on his experience in designing the Galaxy lines at Samsung. He is currently interested in natural user interfaces, including the AI assistant.
Next interface Lab./ / +82-42-350-4527

임윤경 / Youn-kyung Lim

Ph.D / 교수

Prof. Lim focuses on enhancing creative and quality-centered design thinking especially in the domain of human-computer interaction by exploring and developing new theories, methods, and frameworks, as well as tools to be used in actual design practice.
Creative Interaction Design Lab. (CIxD Lab.) / / +82-42-350-4522

남기영 / Ki-Young Nam

Ph.D / 부교수

Prof. Nam focuses on exploring the possibilities arising from strategically integrating diverse design issues within and beyond the design process in corporate, social and political contexts.
Designize. / / +82-42-350-4521

석현정 / Hyeon-Jeong Suk

Dr.rer.soc. / 교수

Prof. Suk explores the value of light and color human experiences. Color psychology and keen sense about emotional design are the fundamental roots of its study, and further aim to form a greater convergence with diverse fields.
Color Lab. / / +82-42-350-4523

이탁연 / Tak Yeon Lee

Ph.D / 조교수

Prof. Lee likes to design a wide range of innovative products by combining AI and design based on his experience at Adobe Research. His research often focuses on creating a symbiotic environment where human and AI collaboratively solve challenging problems. / / +82-42-350-4528


홍화정 / Hwajung Hong

Ph.D / 부교수

Prof. Hong explores design from, with and by data to develop technologies that are sensitive to human concerns. She has broad interests in the social impact of data and artificial intelligence. She works to provide novel design methods for creating human-centered AI applications that respect various stakeholders' value including health, well-being, safety, diversity and equity. / / +82-42-350-4529 / N25 #305

이창희 / Chang Hee Lee

Ph.D FRSA / 조교수

Prof. Chang Hee Lee runs the Affective Systems and Cognition lab at KAIST to explore the future of our senses, creativity, and wellbeing. The lab considers these three directions as key essence for advancing and inspiring the present human society. The lab develops radical tools, devices and products to promote new knowledge through progressive thinking.
Affective Systems & Cognition lab / / +82-42-350-4530 / N25 #403

박현준 / Hyunjoon Park

MA Vehicle Design / 조교수

Prof. Hyunjoon Park leads Move lab at ID KAIST. By viewing mobility as a tool to create meaningful relationships, their goal is to create 'stories that move' - to bring about design-led innovation in future mobility solutions, brand designs and design tool development to effectively help the industry and the academia move forward in symbiosis.
Move lab. / / +82-42-350-4513 / N25 #314

강이연 / Yiyun Kang

Ph.D FRSA / 조교수

Prof. Yiyun Kang runs the Experience Design Lab. Her research and practice locate at the intersection of art and technology to investigate immersive storytelling. She aims to generate impactful experiences that tackle anthropocentric thinking.
Experience Design Lab. / / +82-42-350-4515 / N25 #420


조광민 / Kwangmin Cho

Ph.D / 연구교수

webpage/ / N25 #222


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