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Freshman: Foundation Level

Students take foundational classes in the areas of science, engineering, the humanities, and design.

Sophomore: Introductory Level

Students learn about form principles and visual language. They explore the history and present state of design and learn various communication and presentation skills. They also extend their engineering knowledge and study the basic elements of product design.

Junior: Development Level

Students acquire the ability to accomplish design projects focused on marketing and production, and build their comprehension of modern industrial systems.

Senior: Integration Level

Students learn to use design philosophy and ethics as professional designers, and they acquire the ability to accomplish complex design projects.
  Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Spring Semester Introduction to Design
Basic Design Interactive Product Design System Design
Presentation Technique Design Methods Graduation Design Studio I
Computer-aided Design Software Prototyping Portfolio & Exhibition Design
Graphic Design Moving Image Design  
Fall Semester Idea & Expression Product Design User Experience Design Graduation Design Studio II
Interaction Prototyping Human Factors for Design Design Entrepreneurship
Photo Techniques Interface Design Undergraduate CFT Seminar
Design Engineering Moving Image Design Interactive Software Design
Information Design    
Graduation Research

Graduation Research

Graduation Research

For advanced major or students who are following major course requirements in 2015 or earlier, Graduation Design Studio I and II aligned with Graduation Research are mandatory;     therefore, they cannot replace their Graduation Research with URP-B.


Students who are not belonging to either of the above category (i.e. students who are following major course requirements in 2016 or later, and not advanced major) can apply URP-B   for their research credit.

Requisites for Graduation

Please visit the LINK. ( Requisites for Graduation)